Online Hadoop Training

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Hadoop Introduction
What is Hadoop?
Why Hadoop and its use cases (Demo part)
Different Components of Hadoop.

HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)

  • Significance of HDFS in Hadoop
  • Features of HDFS
  • Daemons of Hadoop
    • NameNode and its functionality
    • DataNode and its functionality
    • JobTracker and its functionality
    • TaskTrack and its functionality
    • Secondary Name Node and its functionality.
  • Data Storage in HDFS
    • Introduction about Blocks
    • Data Replication
  • Accessing HDFS
    • CLI (Command Line Interface) and Admin commands
    • Java Based Approach
  • Hadoop Archives


  • MapReduce architecture
  • MapReduce Programming Model
    • Different phases of Map Reduce Algorithm
    • Different Data types in Map Reduce
    • How to write a basic Map Reduce Program
      • The Driver Code
      • The Mapper
      • The Reducer
    • Joining DataSets in MapReduce jobs – MapJoins and Reduce Joins
    • Creating Input and Output Formats in Map Reduce Jobs
      • Text Input Format
      • KeyValue InputFormat
      • Sequence File Input Format
  • How to debug MapReduce Jobs in Local and Pseudo cluster Mode.
  • Unit Testing MR Jobs.
  • Introduction to MapReduce Streaming and Pipeling
  • Data localization in Map Reduce
  • Combiner(Mini Reducer) and Partioner
  • Distributed Cache
  • Secondary Sorting Using Map Reduce

Apache PIG

  • Introduction to Apache Pig
  • Map Reduce Vs Apache Pig
  • SQL Vs Apache Pig
  • Different datatypes in Pig
  • Modes Of Execution in Pig
  • Local Mode
  • Map Reduce OR Distributed Mode
  • Execution Mechanism
  • Grunt Shell
  • Script
  • Embedded
  • Transformations in Pig
  • How to write a simple pig script
  • UDFs in Pig

  • Hive Introduction
  • Hive architecture
  • Hive Meta Store
  • Hive Integration with Hadoop
  • Hive Query Language(Hive QL)
  • SQL VS Hive QL
  • Hive UDF
  • Hive UDAF
  • Hive
  • Hive SerDe
  • Hive Transform


  • Introduction to Sqoop.
  • MySQL client and Server Installation
  • How to connect to Relational Database using Sqoop
  • Different Sqoop Commands
  • Different flavors of Imports
  • Export
  • Hive-Imports


  • Hbase introduction
  • Hbase usecases
  • Hbase basics
  • Column families
  • Scans
  • Hbase Architecture
  • Clients
  • REST
  • Thrift
  • Java Based
  • Avro
  • Map Reduce Integration
  • Map Reduce over Hbase
  • base Admin
  • Schema Definition
  • Basic CRUD Operations

OOZIE and Flume Introduction.